Terms and Conditions

Customers must be 21 or older to place and order.

* Alcoholic Beverages may be sold and delivered only to persons who are at least 21 years old. In placing your order, you represent to us that you are at least 21 years old and that the person to whom you are directing delivery is at least 21 years old.

Shipping & Delivery
We ship via UPS ground. Packages will arrive between 5 & 14 days depending on your address location. If you provide us with an email, we can send you the tracking information.  Shipping charges range depending on where the package is going and its weight. Shipping charges are applied after all discounts are applied on the order. We ship cases of wine for free. We do not currently ship outside of the USA.
Vivác 2 bottle Wine Club is shipped out every month. Vivác Free Shipping Wine Club is shipped out every third month as a full case of wine.
Returns & Replacements
We do not offer any returns for cash. If a non wine item is returned in good condition, a store credit may be awarded. Jewelry items may be repaired (a fee may apply depending on damage) but not returned. There are no returns on chocolates. There are no returns on wine. If a wine is suspected of being "corked", the bottle still containing the remaining wine may be brought in to our Tasting Room for examination and replacement. See frequently asked questions for more information.
There is a 2 bottle minimum for us to ship wine to an address. If you would like to order a case  (12 btls) worth of wine and send it to several different addresses, you may do so with the assistance of one of our Tasting Room Attendants, please call (505)579-4441 or email details to info@vivacwinery.com however, the minimum amount sent to any one address will still be 2 bottles and shipping will be applied to each address delivery and the "Free Shipping on case orders" will be void. Your discount on the case amount of wine will be applied the entire order.
Payment, Pricing & Promotions
Payment is required at the time of purchase on all items and wine. Special events retail outlets and restaurants have special consideration and will need to be set up directly with Michele Padberg (Michele@VivacWinery.com or 505-579-4447).Pricing is determined by the winery and reflect industry standards.If you would like to sell something in our Tasting Room, please submit a sample and pricing to Liliana Padberg (Liliana@VivacWinery.com or 505-579-4441). We do not guarantee that we will take and sell the submitted item. It is your responsibility to retrieve the item if we do not wish to contract the sale. Promotional items that are given away are not redeemable for store credit or return. Donation gift certificates expire 3 months from the date of the event. Purchased gift certificates expire 1 year from the purchase date.
Viewing Orders
An email confirmation will be sent to you when your purchase is complete. If you are a registered customer, the web-site will remember your previous orders for you.
Updating Account Information
As a wine club member and first time user of our new web-site, you will be required to sign in and register with us one time. Please send us an alert that you have done this so  we may update your account in our system and set up your account on our web-site to recognize your wine club member level and discount. You may alert us by calling 505-579-4441 or emailing Liliana@VivacWinery.com


How do you come up with the ingredient list for the wines?
The "Suggested aromas" are simply that, they are prominent aromas that some people may
smell in the wine. These things are NOT added to the wines. All of our wines are made
purely of wine grapes.

What is the red stuff on the inside of the bottle & on the cork after opening?
This is called "sediment" it is naturally occurring because we do not filter or fine our
wines which delivers a better product to you.

Is Sediment harmful if consumed?
No, sediment is NOT harmful to you. Clean the inside of the neck off with a cloth if it
bothers you & enjoy the wine!

There are red streaks down the side of the cork/ the cork is stained. Is the wine
No the wine is NOT damaged. The streaks are due to the fact that we bottle by hand (look
at the top of the cork and find the small round indention, this is proof of a hand
bottler). Before the seal is completely formed, the bottle may have been flipped upside
down for aging resulting in a momentary leak of wine down the side of the cork, the seal
formed after.

Where are the grapes from?
We use 100% New Mexico grapes, some from our own private estate vineyards, some from
other vineyards around the state. All crushing and wine making happens at our facility by

How do I know if the wine is corked?
"Corked" is a very specific smell resulting in a taint from TCA. This is rare and
because we use very high quality corks, the chance of it happening to you is slim. The
smell is like that of damp, rotting cardboard.
If the wine traveled in your car truck, got too hot or froze, the wine may have become
damaged, but it is not "corked".