Divino (Divine)2015 "Library Wine"

Divino (Divine)2015 "Library Wine"

A new blend, this vintage Divino is 50% Pinot Noir, 20% Refosco, 15% Dolcetto and 15% Malbec. This heavenly blend is the lighter counterpart or "Heaven" to the Diavolo or "Hell" wine released simultaneously. Featured Artis is Jessamyn Lovell.

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DIVINO "Divine" is a blend that shows aromas of ripe dark berry, citrus notes & caramel tones which illuminate your palate. This wine has smooth tannins, bright acidity & a heavenly finish. The layered complexity & artistic blending, makes this wine a work of art both inside & out.

Suggested Aromas: Ripe dark berry, citrus notes & caramel tones, smooth tannins & bright acidity. A heavenly wine.